404 Artistic Fan Brush

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A fork-shaped brush used to create striped patterns on the face and body. This brush is pre-cut into eight sections to be used as a tool to create graphic patterns for artistic and creative makeup designs. Featuring straight fibers, it can be used with liquid and cream textures. After five years in development with makeup artists and fiber experts, MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brushes are a revolution in brush craftsmanship. The 100-percent fiber brushes are available in a range of 76 handcrafted styles, each with the perfect balance of straight and wavy fibers that replicate natural hairs. Beveled tips create a two-in-one makeup brush and tool, while innovative hair density and brush head shapes optimize every stroke for ideal makeup application. To achieve the ultimate collection, every brush has gone through 25 production stages by 30 craftsmen and has been checked for quality 50 times.