CHANEL Le Blanc, Day/Night Intensive Spot Treatment

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PRODUCT Chanel writes the ultimate solution to address dark spots: A duo of brightening pens developed specifically for day and night. KEY INGREDIENTS In addition to patent-pending TXC™* and complementary 2-Year Pearl Extract, each formula offers unique ingredients targeted to the specific time of day. For day, Geranium Extract addresses the effects of UV rays and pollution, while visibly diminishing the appearance of dark spots. For night, Alpinia Extract promotes skin's natural renewal process for a brighter complexion and more even tone. For spot-on precision, the unique pen shape features a cooling ceramic applicator and flexible silicone neck with a convenient formula-release button. After 8 weeks* of use, the appearance of spots is reduced by 29% and uniformity of the complexion is increased by 45% HOW TO APPLY Use after LE BLANC cleanser and lotion, and before concentrate and moisturizer. Apply to dark spots by gently pressing the button on the side of the pen, then lightly massage the formula in with the tip of the pen. *Polyfunctional ingredient developed on the basis of a technology exclusive to Chanel. *Clinical evaluation on 30 participants.