Artis Brush

Digit 10 Brush Set

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Artis Brush's 'Digit' collection has ergonomically-designed handles for incredibly precise and controlled application. Packed with supremely soft CosmeFibre® filaments for the most natural-looking finish, this set of 10 brushes will seamlessly apply everything from eyeliner to foundation. It's tucked neatly in a two-level presentation box - gift yours to a friend or loved one. - 'Circle 1' and 'Circle 1R' are perfect for applying lip color or spot concealer to smaller areas on the face - Apply eye makeup with the 'Oval 4' and 'Oval 3' brushes - Use 'Linear 1', 'Linear 1 Demi' and 'Linear 3 Demi' to create a thin line of product along the lashline or to perfect your brows - Use the 'Oval 6' and 'Oval 7' for foundation, blush and contour makeup - Buff to perfection with 'Oval 8' -Instructions for use: - See packaging for full instructions