Moon Juice

Goodnight Dust

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A good night's sleep is essential for your health and general well-being. Blended from calming and stress-relieving herbs, Moon Juice's 'Goodnight Dust' can be added to any hot or cold drink and will soothe your mind, stabilize your REM cycle and promote the natural nocturnal rhythm of your body. It stimulates melatonin release, steadies blood flow and also acts to detox your pancreas and liver. - Wildcrafted ingredients include Chamomile, Zizyphus, Polygala, Schisandra and Stevia - Vegan and gluten-free, low-glycemic - Makes approximately 25 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency - Also available in: Sex Dust, Brain Dust, Beauty Dust, Spirit Dust As seen in The EDIT magazine -Instructions for use: - Add one teaspoon to 8 ounces of any hot or cold liquid and stir to dissolve - Drink soon after mixing - 62. 4g/2. 2oz. Ingredients: Chamomile, Zizyphus, Polygala, Schisandra, Stevia