Me Clear Anti-Blemish Device

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What it is: The ultimate solution in the fight against pimples that features patented tri-action technology combined with blue light, sonic vibration and gentle warming to heal and eliminate skin blemishes while preventing future breakouts. Who it's for: All skin types. What it does: Its blue LED light works primarily on the surface of your skin (penetrating approximately 1. 5mm) to destroy P. acnes bacteria. The sonic vibration increases microcirculation to reduce swelling and inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light. The gentle warming produced by the light energy opens pores and allows the light to reach more bacteria. Skin blemishes are healed and eliminated on the spot, and future breakouts are prevented without dryness or irritation. How to use: Prepare your skin for treatment by cleansing your skin to remove makeup or creams that may contain reflective materials. Activate device by pressing the grey button. You will hear a short audible beep and battery indicator lights will signal the activation. Treat your skin simply by holding the device steady over your blemish. Ensure you maintain full contact between the treatment surface area and your skin while sonic vibration and blue light are delivered. Treat until you hear a single audible beep (two minutes). For best results, treat your blemishes three times per day. After treatment, apply your favorite noncomedogenic skin care products. Style Name: Me Clear Anti-Blemish Device. Style Number: 5272879. Available in stores.