Ocean Crush Sponge Set 2 Sponges

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A set of two seashell makeup sponges that apply and blend beautifully for a flawless makeup finish. These shell sponges apply and blend liquid and cream makeup into the skin. The material is bouncy and soft for an airbrushed effect and smooth, flawless result. Shaped like a conch shell, the sponges have multiple ridges and points, as well as a flat cut edge on the base to apply makeup to larger areas of the face. This set contains:- 2 x Shell Sponges It is recommended to wash the sponge with warm water and a mild soap. Let it dry in a cool dry area. Ensure that the sponge is fully dried before storing away or re-using. Do not wring/twist the sponge and avoid using fingernails during use and cleaning as this can cause it to tear.