Overnight Recovery Masque

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Overnight Recovery Masque - Every day, skin is exposed to the damaging effects of the environment - pollution, UV exposure, extremes of temperature and humidity. Now you can help sleep away the day's damage and wake to beautiful, revitalized skin. This unique water-gel masque melts into skin, working while you sleep to attack the damage from everyday factors that can age your skin. A potent anti-pollution complex, including antioxidant lilac cell culture extract and PHA/Bionics, helps neutralize the effects of daily pollution and environmental damage such as free radicals and harmful metals, that can break down collagen and prematurely age the look of skin. Overnight, prodew refills deep reserves of natural skin moisture known as NMF (natural moisturizing factor), restoring a feeling of suppleness and comfort. PHA/Bionics and evening primrose oil strengthen skin's protective barrier for a stronger, more resilient tomorrow. Awake to beautiful skin with the damage behind you, deeply hydrated and stronger. Prodew is a registered trademark of Ajinomoto Co. , Inc. - Overnight Recovery Masque