Bobbi Brown

Protective face base SPF 50 50ml

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A favourite returns this lightweight moisturising lotion featuring SPF 50 broad spectrum sun protection creates the perfect blank canvas for make up while protecting skin too. Bobbi Brown has updated the package with a sleek new look and added ingredients you're sure to love to be even more soothing and gentle on skin. Packed with antioxidants like vitamin E and mushroom extracts to fight skin damaging free radicals, as well as algae and chamomile extracts for their anti inflammatory and calming effect. This formula absorbs quickly and smoothes the skin's surface without pilling or rolling so it's ideal for layering products. Plus, water binding ingredients provide all day hydration so makeup looks just as beautiful when you go to take it off as when you first put it on. Bobbi Brown Protective face base SPF 50 50ml