Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb

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A handcrafted natural rose quartz comb that smooths strands and helps stimulate the scalp for healthy hair. Key benefits: - Rose quartz is a symbol of loving energy and positivity - Smooths strands and detangles hair - Provides gentle stimulation to the scalp If you want to know more… Transform your beauty routine into a time of self-love and care. Similar to jewelry, this meticulously handcrafted 100 percent pure rose quartz comb is a beautiful keepsake item to adorn your vanity for years to come. Rose quartz is a symbol of loving energy and positivity. Much like a jade roller for your face and neck, this comb can be introduced into your self-care routine to help to comb away the day's stress and tension while stimulating the scalp to increase blood circulation for healthy-looking hair. Please note that due to the natural formation of rose quartz, each meticulously handcrafted comb is unique.