Bobbi Brown

Skin Relief Calming Complex

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Created for sensitive, stressed and reactive skin, this intensive solution visibly reduces redness and the impact of stress on skin. By calming skin, Skin Relief helps to prevent skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles and sagging. Reduces the impact of stress on skin. Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of redness. Immediately reduces irritation and keeps future irritation at bay. Reduces skin damage due to irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin 88% said skin felt less irritated after 4 weeks 86% said it helped quiet reactivity after 4 weeks 90% said it calmed and soothed skin after 4 weeks 84% said it reduced the appearance of redness after 4 weeks. Bobbi Brown Skin Relief Calming Complex How to use: Apply 2 3 drops on clean skin twice a day14ml