Artis Brush Cleansing Foam

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What it is: A superior cleansing foam that cleans and sanitizes your brushes while it works. What it does: The foam helps the ingredients to work around each fiber of the brush without over-soaking your brush head. Its bubble action cleans and helps the brushes dry within minutes, too. Designed for frequent use, the unique formula leaves your brushes cleansed, sanitized and smelling fresh. How to use: Press the cap down to dispense foam onto the fiber bundle of your brush or onto a microfiber cloth or moist paper towel. Wipe the fiber bundle back and forth until the cosmetic residue is released from the fibers and all the foam residue is thoroughly removed from the brush. Re-shape the fiber bundle into the desired shape and let dry. If over time a slight cleanser residue accumulates in the fibers, simply rinse the fibers thoroughly under some warm running water, reshape and let dry. Style Name: Artis Brush Cleansing Foam. Style Number: 5420916. Available in stores.