Nurse Jamie

Beauty Bear™ Age Delay Pillow

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The unique shape of Nurse Jamie's Beauty Bear™ pillow provides head, neck and lumbar support, helping you achieve a better night's rest. The non-absorbent satin cover minimizes wrinkles caused from sleeping on your face and ensures that natural oils or night products stay on the skin instead of transferring onto the case. Use it at home or for long-haul flights. - Helps prevent creases and wrinkles caused by sleep - Great for traveling - Removable cover - To prevent transferring color we recommend cold washing the case before using - Also available: Black Age Delay Pillow, Leopard Age Delay Pillow -Instructions for use: - Let the larger 'U' cradle your neck for both back and side sleeping positions - Align the smaller 'U' in the direction you naturally face for side sleepers