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Brow Power Super Skinny

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Brow Power Super Skinny - Get your beauty problems solved with IT Cosmetics beauty solutions. Little known fact. . Symmetry is what equates to beauty in the human eye. Did you know that your eyebrows are the only feature on your face that gives you your frame of symmetry so brows are your most powerful feature to be your most beautiful you!Developed with plastic surgeons, the foremost experts in facial symmetry, Brow Power Super Skinny revolutionary automatic ultra-fine waterproof pencil is the first-ever super skinny micro-tip actually designed and measured to perfectly mimic the exact width of real brow hair with each stroke giving you truly natural-looking brows. The custom 1. 4mm tip, combined with the built-in brow grooming spoolie delivers the look of real hair to your brows with precise hair-by-hair like application that adheres to skin and looks like real hair in just seconds! Achieve long-wearing, budge-proof and sweat-proof results easily. Plus all shades utilize IT Cosmetics Brow Power universal transforming shade technology, allowing you to adjust your color based on pressure so you get a perfect match to your hair color in your color range every time. Press light for lighter hair in your shade range, and apply more pressure for darker tones. IT puts the power of perfect symmetry and your most beautiful you at your fingertips!Benefits:#1 best-selling Brow Power universal innovation, now in super-skinny shades!Exclusive 1. 4mm micro-tip mimics width of your real brow hair for natural-looking resultsBudge-proof revolutionary formula adheres to skin and looks like real hairTransforming shade technology for perfect hair color match in your shade family - Brow Power Super Skinny