Laura Mercier

Fan Brush

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A fan brush made to pick up and softly apply the product to the skin for a flawless application. Expertly applies color, pressed powder and loose powder evenly onto the skin. Its unique tapered bristles allow for a lightweight distribution of powder. Creme will naturally adhere to synthetic fibers. For best results using any type of pressed powder, press bristles into powder to pick-up the powder. Next, press brush onto the back of the hand to work the powder into the brush. This will ensure powder is loaded into bristles and minimize fallout. Gently tap brush once on the back of the hand to shake off any excess product. Tap and press loaded bristle all over the area first. After the product has been placed, then blend. For a precise and detailed application, hold the brush at the center of handle or closer to the ferrule. Pinch brush handle between thumb and middle finger. For added control, also use pointer finger with a light touch on the handle, this will act more as a guide during application. It sho