Full Pint Medium Round Brush 2.48" D x 2.48" H x 10.24" W

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A medium round ceramic brush great for medium to long hair and for straightening short to medium-length hair. Key benefits: - Decreases dry time - Adds body/volume - Leaves hair smooth and shiny If you want to know more…NanoIonic technology in the barrel and bristles helps reduce frizz and add shine. Cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends. It creates loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design with a streamlined, one-piece handle to eliminate hair catching and pulling. The ceramic barrel heats up during blow-drying helping to lock in volume and curl and the vents allow air to flow freely, decreasing dry time.