Earth Tu Face

Honey Coconut Mask

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Perfect for stressed, tired or winter-worn complexions, Earth Tu Face's mask heals inflammation, tightens pores and plumps your skin for an all-round more radiant look. It's made from antioxidant-rich raw Honey and hydrating Virgin Coconut Oil, as well as Lavender and Rose petals harvested from the brand's gardens in North California. - Honey is a powerful humectant - a substance that draws moisture from the atmosphere - Rose Petals tone and tighten while diminishing redness and blotchy areas - Lavender soothes irritation and fades blemishes while also speeding cell rejuvenation - Free from alcohol, fragrance, toxins, refined oils, fillers and synthetic ingredients -Instructions for use: - Apply generously to damp skin after cleansing and leave for 5-15 minutes - Wash away with warm water - Follow with Face Balm - 30ml/ 2oz. Ingredients: Organic Honey, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Garden Rose Petals, and Organic Garden Lavender Flowers, Organic Lavender Essential Oil