Frédéric Malle

Women's Iris Soap

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Iris: the most fascinating of flowers, yet the most difficult to work with. Three years are needed to finally see an iris bloom - and three more for the root's fragrance to develop. This highly refined raw material was originally imported by the Medici family to France to perfume their gloves. Its silky, luxurious fragrance was reinvented by Olivia Giacobetti for our hand cream. Here, it melds perfectly with the scent of soap. The creation of our soaps began with an idea - an idea about how I wanted them to ultimately feel in my hands: like a firm hockey puck playfully rolled on its side and a round, ocean-smoothed pebble slipped between my fingers. Their deceivingly simple shape is the fruit of this dual inspiration. For the wrapping, we chose thick, delicately waxed silk paper, accordion-pleated and sealed by our red label. As with all our products, great care was taken with the soaps' composition, blending Shea oil for hydration, glycerin for hold and talc for a matte, silky finish. As for their fragrance, these soaps were never intended to be a mere extension of our perfumes, as the classic commercial choice would have dictated. 3. 5 oz/100gr