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Designed to be applied daily over a period of four weeks, Sisley - Paris' 'Sisleÿa-Elixir' supports and helps to kick-start the skin's natural functions, resulting in a fresher, firmer and more radiant-looking complexion. This innovative formula is made with natural plant extracts - including Malt, White Willow Leaf, Padina Pavonica, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E and Lavender and Marjoram essential oils - to plump and minimize fine lines and fight the effects of stress. Solanum also encourages the production of lipids - the building blocks of living cells. - Suitable for all skin types - Recommended for use at the start of a new season, three or four times a year - Particularly beneficial after prolonged sun exposure -Instructions for use: - Use the contents of one vial per week for a period of four weeks - Apply five drops morning and night on perfectly cleansed skin of face and neck - 4 x 5ml/ 0. 18fl. oz. - Made in France